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   Syunik Marz has is the biggest province of Armenia (also called Zangezur), 4506 sq. km.  It is known by having the most dramatic scenery.   The famous Tatev Monastery and the world longest tramway are in Syunik region.  The largest cities are Kapan, Goris, Sisian and Meghri. Kapan is marz (kingdom) capital from 10th century, which was an active mining town, with very nice architecture.  Goris is sometimes called “little Switzerland”.  “Syunikcis” offer unique cuisine which is unimaginably delicious, such as cheese from Sisian, mulberry vodka of Karahunj, “lavash” of Kapan, and the juicy pomegranates and figs from Meghri.

Hotels / Lara Hotel

Location: Syunik / Goris
From 12,000 AMD
Lara Hotel is located in the souther part of Goris City....

Hotels / Diana

Location: Syunik / Goris
From 20,000 AMD
Hotel Diana is situated in the North-Eastern part of Goris. Currently,iT's a 5-storey building for...

Hotels / Tatev Hotel

Location: Syunik / Goris
From 12,000 AMD
“Tatev” hotel is located not far from the center of Goris! The area in which the hotel is located i...

Hotels / Mirhav

Location: Syunik / Goris
From 15,000 AMD

Hotels / Goris Hotel

Location: Syunik / Goris
From 12,000 AMD
Goris hotel (former Olympia hotel ) is located in the center of Goris, next to the historical part o...

Hotels / Mi & Max

Location: Syunik / Kapan
From 14,000 AMD
In the picturesque centre of Kapan, on the bank of Vachagan River, arises a hotel. On the ninth floo...

Hotels / Christy Hotel

Location: Syunik / Goris
From 11,000 AMD
Christy Hotel is located in the center of Goris, which is famous for its old buildings, medieval cav...
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