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Hotels / Kecharis Hotel And Resort

Location: Kotayq / Tsaghkadzor
From 36,000 AMD
The hotel is located in the very heart of the picturesque ski resort-town Tsaghkadzor that has the c...

Hotels / Best Resort Aghveran

Location: Kotayq / Aghveran
From 20,000 AMD
Aghveran is one of the most picturesque places in Armenia, located 40 km northward of Yerevan at the...

Hotels / Arthurs Aghveran Resort

Location: Kotayq / Aghveran
From 27,000 AMD
Arthurs Aghveran Resort is a hotel with standard double and twin rooms, Italian furniture, mini-bar,...

Hotels / MGE Cavalier

Location: Kotayq / Aghveran
From 20,000 AMD
The MGE KAVALIER cottages, located in the Kotayk region just 45 km from Yerevan, offer guests a high...

Hotels / Arzni Health Resort

Location: Kotayq / Arzni
From 24,000 AMD
Arzni Village has a mild dry climate with cold-winters having average temperature in January = (-5°C...

Hotels / World Of Gold Hotel

Location: Kotayq / Tsaghkadzor
From 20,000 AMD
“World of Gold” Resort is situated on the slope of mountain, surrounded by a green territory. Distan...

Hotels / Dilijan Hotel Resort

Location: Tavush / Dilijan
From 25,000 AMD
Hotel "Dilijan" Resort is situated in picturesque Dilijan, not far from Bus Station, on the 1st km o...
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