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Hotels / Paris Hotel Yerevan

Location: Yerevan / Yerevan
From 44,000 AMD
The Paris Hotel Yerevan is located in downtown Yerevan, 2 minutes’ walk from Republic Square, the he...

Hotels / Opera Suite Hotel

Location: Yerevan / Yerevan
From 33,000 AMD
Opera Suite Hotel is situated in the heart of Yerevan, surrounded by the most famous sights of capit...

Hotels / Marmarik

Location: Kotayq / Hanqavan
From 8,000 AMD
Marmarik hotel is situated in Hanqavan...

Hotels / Lilith resort

Location: Kotayq / Aghveran
From 20,000 AMD
Lilith resort is situated in Aghveran...

Hotels / Nur Hotel

Location: Yerevan / Yerevan
From 11,000 AMD
Nur hotel is situated not far from the city center, 5 km from Republic Square. Hotel has 27 rooms....

Hotels / Multi Grand Hotel

Location: Yerevan / Yerevan
From 44,000 AMD
Multi Grand Hotel offers to it’s customers a place for any occasion at any level – from quiet intima...

Hotels / Nairi Spa Resorts

Location: Kotayq / Hanqavan
From 25,000 AMD
Nairi Spa Resorts is located in Hankavan, about 80 km away from Yerevan. The Hotel is surrounded by ...
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