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  “Yerevats!”(“it appeared”!) exclaimed Noah, noticing the land, when the waters of the flood withdrew (early Christian chronicles).  And it is believed that the word "Yerevan," has derived from that expression.  Yerevan (founded in 782 BC) is Armenia’s capital (since 1918), the oldest and largest city of over 1 million populations.   It has exclusive city culture, beautiful outdoor cafes, museums, concert halls, and is named 2012 World Book Capital by UNESCO.  

Hotels / Villa Delenda

Location: Yerevan / Yerevan
From 25,000 AMD
Located in the heart of Yerevan's historic district, just 4 minutes from Republic Square and 2 minut...

Hotels / Sochi Palace

Location: Yerevan / Yerevan
From 25,000 AMD
Sochi Palace hotel is located in Jrvezh, Yerevan. Working in the sphere of hotel business already fi...

Hotels / SD Hotel

Location: Yerevan / Yerevan
From 18,000 AMD
SD Hotel is located near Sasuntsi David Yerevan Train Station, which is just 300metres away from hot...

Hotels / Avant Garde Hotel

Location: Yerevan / Yerevan
From 30,000 AMD
Avant Garde Hotel is situated in Avan district, within a 10 minute You can get to the center by tax...

Hotels / Imperial Palace

Location: Yerevan / Yerevan
From 45,000 AMD
The 5 storeyed building of Imperial Palace Hotel is situated in the centre of Yerevan near the Mate...

Hotels / North Avenue Hotel

Location: Yerevan / Yerevan
From 60,000 AMD
Located in the very center of the city, along Brand shops, Restaurants and coffee shops "Hotel North...

Hotels / Royal Plaza

Location: Yerevan / Yerevan
From 32,000 AMD
In the small center of Yerevan,in neighborhood of the museum Martiros Saryan,since the 1 of June wil...
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