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Hotels / Old Dilijan Complex

Location: Tavush / Dilijan
Address: 1 Sharambeyan Street
From 20,000 AMD
Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex invites everyone to experience the city as it was in the 19th century. In the streets of Old Dilijan, visitors are immersed in the finest culture of an earlier time. The intricately carved balconies so typical of 19th century Dilijan display the regions historical love for fine woodwork

Price range by seasons

from 1 January 2019
to 31 December 2019
Small Single Room 20,000 AMD
Small Double Room 26,000 AMD
Medium Single Room 20,000 AMD
Medium Double Room 26,000 AMD
Medium Single Room 26,000 AMD
Medium Double Room 32,000 AMD
Medium Single Room 30,000 AMD
Medium Double Room 36,000 AMD
Large Single Room 20,000 AMD
Large Single Room 26,000 AMD
Large Single Room 26,000 AMD
Large Double Room 32,000 AMD
Large Single Room 40,000 AMD
Large Double Room 46,000 AMD
Duplex Single Room 30,000 AMD
Duplex Double Room 36,000 AMD
Junior Suite Single Room 40,000 AMD
Junior Suite Double Room 46,000 AMD
Suite Single Room 40,000 AMD
Suite Double Room 52,000 AMD
Prices Include:
  • Accomodation for one person
  • Breakfast (09:00 - 11:00)
  • There is additional 6,000 AMD for second person
  • Check in: 15:00
  • Check out: 12:00
Room Facilities:
  • Coffee and tee making machine
  • Flat screen TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Shower
  • Hairdryer
  • Antique furniture
  • Private balcony
Hotel Services and facilities:
  • 19th century style Ananov Guest house with exceptional views of Dilijan
  • Haykanoush Restaurant featuring Armenian cuisine
  • Tufenkian Bakery
  • Esayan museum featuring artifacts used in the economy and Dilijan lifestyle during 19-20th century. In the museum you can also find handcrafted furniture typical for Dilijan lifestyle by the end of 19th century.
  • Wood worker
  • Ceramic workshop
  • Art Gallery
  • Bookstore
  • ArtBridge cafe
  • Souvenir Shops

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Old Dilijan Complex location

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