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  Most popular tourist destinations, Garni (pagan temple) and UNESCO world heritage site Geghard (meaning “lance” that used to pierce the body of Christ) distinguish the marz.  “Kotayk” brewery, once satisfying the beer demand in Caucuses, now in partnership French group Castel is a leader in the market.  Tsaghkadzor (“the flowers valley”) is a well-known ski resort that attracts lots of visitors wintertime.

Hotels / World Of Gold Hotel

Location: Kotayq / Tsaghkadzor
From 20,000 AMD
“World of Gold” Resort is situated on the slope of mountain, surrounded by a green territory. Distan...

Hotels / Tsaghkahovit

Location: Kotayq / Tsaghkadzor
From 10,000 AMD
Tsaghkahovit is situated in one of the picturesque places of Armenia.It is one of the nicest and mo...

Hotels / Park Resort Aghveran

Location: Kotayq / Aghveran
From 25,000 AMD
A modern hotel complex Park Resort Aghveran is located among the fairy-tale forest in the most pictu...

Hotels / Ripa

Location: Kotayq / Tsaghkadzor
From 7,500 AMD
The Ripa rest house features beautiful and comfortable rooms located in a beautiful forest area as w...

Hotels / Arzni N1

Location: Kotayq / Arzni
From 14,500 AMD
Arzni Village has a mild dry climate with cold-winters having average temperature in January = (-5°C...

Hotels / Marriott Tsaghkadzor

Location: Kotayq / Tsaghkadzor
From 48,000 AMD
Armenia's newest addition to the Valley of Flowers, the Tsaghkadzor Marriott Hotel brings modern lux...

Hotels / Tsaghkatun Hotel & Resort

Location: Kotayq / Tsaghkadzor
From 30,000 AMD
Tsaghkatun Hotel & Resort is situated in the center of Tsaghkadzor city. Here you can completely rel...
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