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       …their country must ever be one of the most interesting on the globe

                                                                                        Lord Byron

Armenia, Republic square

The Republic of Armenia is situated in the northeast of the Armenian Upland, between the Caucasus and Asia Minor, bordered by Azerbaijan , Iran , Turkey and the Republic of Georgia . With an area of 29,800 square kilometers (11,490 square miles), Armenia is just about the size of Belgium.

The capital city, Yerevan, lies on the Hrazdan River , and is home to some 1.2 million people. The next three largest cities are Gyumri (pop. 121,000), Vanadzor (pop. 74,000) and Abovian (pop. 54,000). Another important city is Echmiadzin, located some 20 miles west of Yerevan , which is the religious centre of the Armenian Apostolic Church and all Armenians.

The most part of Armenia is mountainous and flat with few forests. The average altitude of the territory is 1,800 meters above the sea level; the highest peak is Mount Aragats with an altitude of 4,090 meters.

Mount Ararat , which was historically part of Armenia , is the highest mountain in the region. Now located in Turkey , but clearly visible in Armenia , it is regarded by the Armenians as a symbol of their land. Because of this, the mountain is present on the Armenian national emblem today.

There are more than 200 streams and rivers in Armenia . The Armenian countryside also boasts some 100 small, but picturesque lakes. One of the largest mountain lakes in the world, Lake Sevan , covers an area of 1,400 square kilometers.

Armenia's Geography
The territory of Armenia can be described as a unique geological museum. Almost all the rocks composing the mantle of our planet can be found here.

Armenia geography also features woodland, steppe, dry steppe, desert, semi desert, sub alpine and alpine, basalt columns, scenic canyons and waterfalls. Mineral spring and extinct volcano are some of the other interesting features of Armenia geography.

Climate in Armenia is continental, mountain (over 90% of the territory is over 900 m/2,286 ft above sea level). During the summer, days can be hot and dry with temperatures falling sharply at night. Winters are cold with heavy snow, what is very attractive for travelers who like winter sports.

Winter temperatures: ranging between -5° and -10°C
Summer temperatures : ranging between 22° and 36°C
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